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Glass Lid safely cooks, steams & reheats food in the microwave & oven!
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Meet Susan Castriota, the inventor of the Cuchina Safe Lid and hear her story.

The Cuchina Safe Lid™ is the clean, safe, non-toxic alternative to harmful plastic lids, wraps and paper towels used in the microwave to cover food. It is the newest kitchen accessory for the health conscious foodie. The unique patented design has universal application for covering glass bowls, mugs and cookware of varying sizes. The round innovative design allows for easy and fast steaming and cooking in the microwave, conventional oven and stove top. No more splatters to clean up! The vents make it ideal for steaming vegetables, cooking-grains, seafood and eggs. When you steam food, you preserve the nutrients. When steaming with our lids, you use the least amount of water to ensure the retention of the healthy properties during the cooking process.

The Cuchina Safe Lid makes healthy microwave snacks, such as popcorn, without the unhealthy additives or wasteful packaging now available. This unique, microwave-safe lid is made of Borosilicate glass (the original Pyrex), that is clean, reusable, resistant to thermal - shock, and good for the environment. It is microwave, oven (up to 450°), refrigerator and dishwasher safe and does not absorb odors like plastics! Our Cuchina Safe is easy to clean and store. The handles make it safer to touch when Susan Castriota, inventor of Cuchina Microwave-Safe Liddealing with heated glass, (although we always recommend an oven mitt).

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The Cuchina [cu-chee-na] Safe Lid was invented by designer Susan Castriota after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. While recovering, Castriota started to research the dangers of plastics in the microwave and found overwhelming scientific evidence that heated plastics leaching into our food may contribute to the increase in cancer and other health problems.  That was enough to INSPIRE her to seek a “better way” to microwave and she believes consumers also want to minimize their risk as well.

Why the name Cuchina? Castriota took the Italian & Spanish word for kitchen (cucina ) and took artistic liberties and added the “h”.

We hope you enjoy a new, healthier way of cooking and look forward to seeing your own recipes using the Cuchina Safe Lid posted on our social media sites. (Click the picture to see Susan's interviews.)

Cuchina Safe Lid Patent # US D752915
Steaming rice in the microwave with the Cuchina Safe Lid.
Making popcorn in the microwave with the Cuchina Safe Lid.
Steaming green beans in the microwave with the Cuchina Safe Lid.
Steaming broccoli in the microwave with theCuchina Safe Lid.


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