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Oven Mini Mitts & Pot Holder

Cuchina Safe Mini Mitts   Cuchina Safe Mini Mitts  Cuchina Safe Mini Mitts  Cuchina Safe Mini Mitts
  • NON-SLIP NEOPRENE GRIP OVEN MINI MITTS by Cuchina Safe are the perfect size oven mitt for finger/palm coverage, making handling hot cookware safe and easy.
  • GOOD GRIP INSIDE AND OUTSIDE for use as a mitt, a grabber, hot-pad or jar opener. Mini Mitts are designed for smaller hands, but roomy enough for larger hands. Awesome dexterity and finger flexibility.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS IN THE KITCHEN without bulky, cumbersome gloves. Just slip your fingers in the top sleeve and your thumb into the bottom, like “slippers for your hands” for both right and left-handers.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND CONTROL with fingertip coverage makes it easy to grip small hot items, oven racks, cooking trays, microwave cookware, Instant Pots, griddles, tea kettles, slow cooker crocks and so much more!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS of 100% Cotton and 100% 4-ply Neoprene make Mini Mitts durable and the amazing colors fit into all kitchens.
  • HEAT RESISTANT up to 250° degrees Fahrenheit.
  • HAND WASHABLE cold water and dry flat or wipes clean with a damp cloth.• VERSATILE uses as a pot holder, oven mitt, jar opener or hot pad to protect kitchen surfaces.
  • OPTIMAL USAGE for handling tongs, light bulbs, grates, and cast iron skillets.
  • EASY STORAGE simply slide in appliance handle, drawer or into pot-holder pouch.

Cuchina Safe Mini Mitts


includes two 5”x 8.5” matching polka-dot design mini mitts and one 7” x 10” kangaroo pouch pot-holder with a circle loop for hanging.


  • No wrist or forearm protection, finger to the palm of your hand only
  • NEVER use when wet. Does not protect against heat from hot liquids. If mitts become wet, remove immediately and dry completely before next use
  • DO NOT expose oven mitts to open flame, keep oven mitts away of burners
  • Do not place in oven or cooker
  • Do not use if material is cut or punctured
  • If oven mitts feel warm, stop using and allow time to cool
  • Returns: Refer to retail seller

Patent US D896, 447S