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How To Use The Cuchina Safe Lid®

       See the Cuchina Safe Lid in action!        

What size bowls and mugs can I use?
Cuchina Safe Lid® 8”
-  most glass or porcelain “microwave safe” bowls or mugs that are less than 8” in diameter.
Cuchina Safe Lid® 11” -  most pots, frying pans, Dutch ovens and mixing bowls.
Flip the lid to fit the bowl size, the concentric rings will keep the lid from sliding off while rotating in the microwave. (Always use an oven mitt or dry towel to handle glass in the microwave).

Other uses:
Splatter Shield, A Trivet, Food cover in the refrigerator

Questions about the Cuchina Safe Lid®
Where can Cuchina Safe Lid® be used?
Cuchina Safe Lid® can be used on the stove top (to cover a pot), in the oven (up to 400’) or microwave.  Do not heat empty cookware in microwave oven.  Dishwasher and refrigerator safe. Do not use directly on a stove topburner or broiler.
What can Cuchina Safe Lid® be used for?
It can be used for cooking, steaming, reheating, and thawing. Cuchina Safe Lid® works best on top of a microwave safe glass bowl when using the microwave, or on a Dutch oven or frying pan.
What is the Cuchina Safe Lid® made of?
The Cuchina Safe Lid® is made of Borosilicate glass, the glass used to make the original Pyrex ® products. Borosilicate is less subject to thermal stress than regular glass.
Can I use my Cuchina Safe Lid® if it is chipped or cracked?
No! Do not use or repair broken, chipped, or deeply scratched cookware. Chips, cracks or deep scratches weaken cookware. Weakened cookware can break during use. Follow care and storage instructions to avoid chips, cracks, and scratches due to improper nesting, hitting rims, using metal utensils, and accidental impact.
Will the handles get hot during use?
Yes, handles and rims may get hot during use. Always use potholders or a dry towel when handling hot cookware and glass.
Can I deep-fat fry with my Cuchina Safe Lid® cookware?
DO NOT USE any glass product for deep-fat frying. Never attempt to deep fat fry in a microwave oven.
Is Cuchina Safe Lid® easy to store?
Yes, its flat design makes for easy storing. Store glass items separately if possible, if not possible, place a cloth or towel between them.   

Designed in the USA - Made in China