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What was the Inspiration for the CUCHINA SAFE LID™?

Meet Susan Castriota, the inventor of the glass Cuchina Safe® Vented Glass Lid and Cover‘n Cook™ Glass Microwave Plate Cover, and hear her “lemons to lemon cake” story! The Cuchina Safe Lid and Cover ‘n Cook™ are the clean, safe, non-toxic alternative to harmful BPA and BPA-free plastic lids and wraps used in the microwave to cover and reheat food. They are the newest, eco-friendly, vented glass lid kitchen accessory for health conscious foodies, and make great splatter shields. Both innovative microwave cover designs allow for easy and fast steaming and cooking in the microwave and conventional ovens up to 450°. The vents make it ideal for steaming vegetables and rice, and for cooking meat, eggs and desserts. No more splatters to clean up! When steaming and reheating with our glass lids and microwave plate cover, you use the least amount of water to ensure the retention of the healthy properties during the cooking process and preserve those important nutrients. With BPA-free glass, there are no more worries about potentially harmful chemicals leaching into your food. Our clear glass cooking lids and glass plate cover won’t absorb odors and bacteria like plastic and silicone covers.

Susan Castriota, inventor of Cuchina Microwave-Safe Lid
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selling the Cuchina Safe Cookware
The Cuchina Safe® Vented Glass Lid is a unique patented flat lid for microwave cooking made of Borosilicate glass (like your grandmothers glass cookware), is commercial-grade, clean, reusable, and good for the environment. It is microwave, oven, stove top (not directly on burner), refrigerator and dishwasher safe. It has universal application for covering glass/ceramic bowls, mugs and cookware of varying sizes. Our Vented Glass Lid is easy to clean and store and the 3 handles make it easier to lift, (although we always recommend an oven mitt). Use the glass lid as a spatter guard to keep your oven and stove top clean. Make healthy snacks like popcorn, without the unhealthy additives or wasteful packaging; throw away those toxic boil-n-bag food pouches!

The Cover ‘n Cook™ Glass Lid in action!

The patented glass Cover ‘n Cook combines two products in one… a vented plate cover that flips over to become a 2 quart baking/serving dish (also oven safe). Reheat those leftovers using the glass microwave Cover ‘n Cook™ as a food plate cover. The multi-functional, sturdy, oven-to-table design will make this a must-have for your homemade casseroles, seafood, vegetable, pies and much more. Now, home chefs have another stylish companion product that poses little health risk associated with using toxic plastic plate covers in the microwave.

See the Cuchina Safe® Glass Lid in action!

The Cuchina [cu-chee-na] Safe® Vented Glass cookware were invented by designer Susan Castriota after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She credits her dog, Bella, for discovering her breast cancer which prompted Castriota to get a mammogram. Bella, the cancer sniffing dog, received national attention and was featured on YAHOO, The Doctors Show and Fox & Friends. While recovering, Castriota started to research the dangers of cooking with BPA and BPA-free plastics and found overwhelming scientific evidence that heated plastics leaching into our food may contribute to the increase in cancer and other health problems. That was enough to inspire her to seek a “better way” to microwave and she believes consumers also want to minimize their risk as well.

Why the name Cuchina? Castriota took the Italian & Spanish word for kitchen (cucina) and took artistic liberties and incorporated the pink ribbon into the “h”.

We hope you enjoy a new, healthier way of cooking with our eco-friendly glass cooking lids and vented plate cover.

"As a real food coach and wellness advocate I look for the best in food safety and I recommend this to all my clients! Finally a product that eliminates dangerous plastics in our food!"
Kathy Parry - Your Real Food Coach, Author

“I thought it was nice, attractive and well designed, but now that I have been using it for a while, I realize that it's also very, very USEFUL!!!!! I don't use anything else to cover my plates and bowls now. Well done!!!”
Margarita Wood - Boca, Italy

Susan and Bella on Fox & Friends
Susan and Bella visit "The Doctors"
Susan & Bella on Pittsburgh's WTAE-4